Glitter sizing and FAQ.

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This page will be continuously updated as more questions are asked. 

Much information on biodegradable glitter can be found here:

Our glitter is sold in 3 different amounts: 5g, 15g and 25g. The tin for each amount is the same size, 53mm diameter. We printed a stunning, colourful Rhetorik logo on it to encourage you to keep it, never to dispose of it. Refill it with glitter, or lip balm, or honey, or sweets. Whatever you fancy.

5g is a fairly standard amount. Other brands sell between 3g and 6g as a standard amount. It might not look like much in the tin, but it goes a long way. We wanted to use a large tin so the glitter didn't keep overflowing when you put a brush or finger in it during application. 

15g is quite a lot of glitter. It will last many, many standard applications (on the face, on forehead, cheeks etc.

25g is a serious amount of glitter. You could probably cover your whole body with it.

The image below shows the amounts in the tins.

Biodegradable glitter in 3 pots.