Bold, sustainable fashion

About Rhetorik

The independent fashion brand known for bold style and sustainability. 

Our motto is, Live true.

Living true means being true to yourself by being bold and daring to follow your passions and it means being true to the world by caring for people and the planet.

We stay true to you by being honest about where our clothes come from. Our dream is to become the most influential and sustainable fashion brand on the planet. We’re already more sustainable and ethical than most, but we’ve still got a long way to go before we’re perfectly happy with what we do. The bottom line is, we’re willing to compromise on profits to make the world a better place. Not many fashion brands can say that.

 In 2019, we will have three super ethical product ranges.

  • Rhetorik organic clothing: Trendy ethical clothing consisting of men’s, women’s and gender neutral, T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies and jackets.

  • Rhetorik Reworked: Vintage, retro and festival fashion made from reworked, recycled and up-cycled clothing and materials. 

  • Rhetorik EcoGlitter: Beautiful biodegradable body glitter made from plant cellulose, not plastic. 

Here and there you might notice the word ‘fuck’ features in our branding. This is because we want to create dialogue in the fashion industry. We find it bewildering that someone might be offended by the word fuck, and yet have little problem with their clothes being made by workers exploited in developing countries.

We like to say our clothing is ethical as fuck, here’s why.

Rhetorik Organic Clothing – This range of trendy, ethical men’s, women’s, and gender neutral clothing is organic, and was made in ethically accredited, renewables powered factories. They’re great quality and affordable because we don’t put the same level of mark-up on it as many other brands do.

Rhetorik Reworked – We take clothes and materials and upcycle them to make trendy, sustainable fashion in vintage, retro and festival styles. One of our most unique initiatives is taking tents abandoned at music festivals and turning them into rain jackets, ponchos and bags. 

Rhetorik EcoGlitter – Glitter is stunning. Plastic, not so much. Our eco-friendly glitter is softer on your skin compared to many alternatives, and it biodegrades, so it’s much better for the ocean and other ecosystems that glitter finds its way into.