About Rhetorik

Bold, sustainable fashion. Our motto is, Live true.

Live true to yourself. Be bold and daring; follow your passion.

Live true to the world. True to people; true to the planet.

Rhetorik started off back in 2016 as a few friends wanting to challenge what they saw in the fashion industry. We wanted to create beautiful streetwear, but not have to compromise on our ethics. We've all got our own projects, Jimmi's an author and Zara's studying Artificial Intelligence, but Rhetorik is where we get to live true and save the planet.

We stay true to you by being as transparent and honest as possible. Our dream is to become the most influential and sustainable fashion brand on the planet. We’re already more sustainable and ethical than many, but we’ve still got a long way to go before we’re perfectly happy with what we do. You can read about what we do well and what we need to improve on below. The bottom line is that we’re willing to compromise on profits to make the world a better place. Not many fashion brands can say that.

The fashion industry needs to change. The current fast-fashion model does not work. Big brands thrive on making cheap garments, marking them up massively and selling millions of units annually. To do this, they convince us we need to buy more, more, more, more, and the more we buy the better we’ll feel. 

Rhetorik wants to change that. We want to make fashion so special you want to wear it again and again. You should be proud of what you wear. So proud you’re happy to keep it for years. And when it starts wearing out, you want to repair it, and wear it for many more years after that. That’s how fashion should be. It should be slow; quality fashion.